Check Your Business Checklists

The checklists below offer a great way to run a quick check on your business systems. In fact, there are really only three systems your business -- any business -- needs to get to six figures. That's $100,000 and more annually! But whether you have big dollar goals or just a little something extra, the principles are the same. You need these three business systems operating and running smoothly:

  1. Discovery System
  2. Relationship System
  3. Delivery System

The following checklists will take you through the key elements of each system and should lead you to ask the questions you need be asking yourself. You may find you have many of the components in place already or maybe some are on the shelf waiting to deploy. Make a note of any you are not using, and/or those with which you are not currently familiar

Discovery System (Often Called Presence)

  1. I have a blog and I post to it consistently
    • Using topics my audience wants and needs to hear
    • Using good keywords for SEO
    • Providing great information that establishes my credibility
  2. I maintain no more than four social media accounts
    • I consistently post updates
    • I consistently respond to my readers and encourage conversation
    • I make use of YouTube on a consistent basis
    • I stay up-to-date on new social networks my target audience uses
  3. I have created and hosted my “go-to” webinar presentation
  4. I am actively seeking out public speaking opportunities in:
    • My local area
    • Niche conferences my audience is likely to attend
    • Meetup and business networking groups
    • Online conferences and telesummits
  5. I have brainstormed a book idea my audience will love
    • I have outlined my book
    • I have committed to writing for at least 30 minutes every day until the book is finished

Relationship System (Often Called Marketing

  1. My email marketing system is solid, with:
    • Timely autoresponders designed to inform and engage readers
    • Occasional sales emails
    • A regular newsletter
  2. I actively seek out opportunities for in-person networking, such as
    • Local business get-togethers
    • Niche conferences
    • Area Meetup groups
    • Chamber of Commerce meetings
    • Volunteer opportunities
  3. I offer free consultations to:
    • Get to know potential clients
    • Eliminate the “tire kickers”

Delivery System (Often Called Sales

  1. My sales funnel is strong, with clearly defined:
    • Free product offers (my blog, social media, etc)
    • Opt-in offers
    • Low-cost products
    • Mid-range products
    • High-cost products and services
  2. I have a series of well-planned special offers for every occasion:
    • One-time-offers for buyers
    • Cross promotions in my cart and on my download pages
    • Upsell offers in my cart
    • Downsell offers for those who do not buy
  3. My shopping cart makes me look professional in every way, including:
    • Seamless handling of product delivery
    • Multiple ways to pay
    • Easy refunds and credits
    • Coupons, bundles and other special offers
  4. My customer support is top-notch, with:
    • Well-developed FAQ pages
    • Thoughtful follow-up messages for buyers
    • A help-desk to resolve issues quickly

Call To Action

Whether you have these three areas completely under control, or there are areas here you are not doing, and perhaps even don't know or understand, please send an email to me ( outlining your current activities, and provide your comments and/or questions. There will be more material available on each of these three business systems in the coming weeks and I will tailor some of it to suite your specific needs.

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