Is It For You

I want to be clear about this. The NOBOXITALL Prescription For Success is not for everyone. First, it will mean working with me, and that is definitely not for everyone. And there are a number of other factors you will want to consider. You probably should read this page before signing up.

Is The NOBOXATALL Prescription For Success For You?

Through this program I am building a powerful group of those with a real desire to succeed and achieve. Those who want to move forward now. Those who are tired of failure or just the same old same old. I want to work with people who want to work with me. And together, through individual mentoring, a mastermind-like group of individuals helping, and sharing with, each other, and online instruction, materials, and resources, you will move forward on your own journey of success. Not alone. Together.

Here is a basic list of the kinds of practitioners, listed alphabetically, who may want to consider the Noboxatall Prescription for Success program. If your area of practice is not listed, drop us a line to and let us know.

  • psychologist
  • published author
  • purpose coach
  • real estate agent
  • real estate consultant
  • Reiki healer
  • relationship coach
  • sales trainer
  • SEO consultant
  • shamanic healer
  • soul-mate coach
  • sound healer
  • speech pathologist
  • speaking coach
  • spiritual healer
  • spiritual teacher
  • sports consultant
  • technical instructor
  • therapist
  • training specialist
  • video producer
  • virtual assistant
  • web designer
  • website developer
  • wicca practitioner
  • WordPress instructor
  • yoga teacher
  • hand analyst
  • health coach
  • heart-centered teacher
  • holistic practitioner
  • home decorator
  • home party consultant
  • image consultant
  • insurance broker
  • intimacy coach
  • leadership coach
  • life coach
  • management consultant
  • marketing consultant
  • marriage counselor
  • massage therapist
  • medical doctor
  • minister
  • MLM group leader
  • nutritionist
  • online retailer
  • parenting coach
  • pastor
  • personal care rep.
  • personal mentor
  • personal trainer
  • productivity expert
  • professional organizer
  • acupuncturist
  • artist
  • attorney
  • author
  • branding specialist
  • book writing expert
  • business coach
  • career coach
  • chiropractor
  • communication trainer
  • consciousness coach
  • consultant
  • copywriter
  • corporate team expert
  • eating therapist
  • ecommerce professional
  • EFT coach
  • entrepreneurial coach
  • executive coach
  • family therapist
  • feminine spirit coach
  • feng sui consultant
  • fertility expert
  • financial planner
  • golf coach
  • graphic designer
  • grief counselor

The list is hardly complete. It is just to show the scope of likely participants. In essence, if you work online, earn your living online, have an online business or want one, then the Noboxatall Prescription for Success program may be for you. Read more...

This Program Is For Your If...

  • You are tired of chasing the dream instead of living the dream. You are willing to apply yourself but you would really like to see results.
  • You have had a spiritual or transformation experience and you are ready to reach out and share your passion with others now.
  • You are ready to take on a leadership roll in your business and/or your community as you reach out to serve or assist others.
  • You know making money shouldn't be a bad thing but you've had trouble reconciling it with your spiritual approach to life.
  • You are ready and willing to participate in a group setting and to ask for and receive help from others around you.
  • There is a passion within you which you feel compelled to explore, to share with others, and make a difference in the world around us.

You may know your craft. You may have been around the proverbial block. You have experience and passion. But, for some unknown reason, it hasn't been happening for you. You know this stuff -- at least you think you do -- but now you are seriously ready to make it real in yourself, for others, and in the world around you.

Join me. Join us. Let me guide you. Let others help you. Break those boundaries that have been holding you back. Don't just think outside the box. Have no box at all!

Or Perhaps The NOBOXATALL Program Is Not For You?

Look, I know this program, any program, will not be for everyone. It is really best if you find this out before signing up. See how many of these points apply to you, and then make your decision.

This Program May Not Be For You If...

  • You know all of this stuff already, you are confident in your approach, and satisfied with your results.
  • You are really looking for a program that will make you rich fast with very little time, work, or commitment involved.
  • You regularly shop for self-help material but really don't want to dig into the mechanics of actually using it.
  • You have purchased lots of books that you have never read, and courses you have never taken, and you still don't know get why it isn't happening yet.
  • You are just not willing to do the work, any work, even when someone is willing to stand by you and help you with it.

Look, my friend, you really do need to make up your mind. Either get on with it or get off it. Choose what is best for you. But YOU do need to make the choice. That's actually the first step in the Noboxatall Prescription for Success program -- whether you sign up or not.

I really do care which you choose. Not because of the money but because I really do want to see you find your own success. But if you don't really want it, if you want to want it but you just can't get over the hump, then this group will be no better for you than the other things you have tried, not completed, and not succeeded.

If you are ready, though, really ready to try something different -- not the hype and glitz, but the real deal, then why are you still reading this? Get on with it NOW!

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